An Indian Couple Got Eaten By A Sloth Bear


On Sunday, a couple was strolling through a forest after Temple service and ended up being mauled by a sloth bear. A man and a woman are now deceased, after the man’s wife was attacked by the beast first. The bear then feasted on the human remains, according to reports.


“This is very unusual,” Neha Sinha, a conservation biologist and author, told CBS News. “Usually, sloth bears eat honey and insects.” Even though, they can get up to 300 pounds in size, they are about the size of an American black bear.

“Generally there is conflict during mahua season; when people go to collect flowers and the bears are feeding,” Sinha explained to CBS News. Moreover, the mahua is a tree that grows across many parts of South Asia; and flowers in the late spring and early summer. The flowers are prized by both people and sloth bears.


Nonetheless, residents still forge forward with curiosity into the forests to collect the flowers for sale during this time of year.

Uttam Kumar Sharma, field director of Panna National Park, was quoted by the India Today news outlet as saying the “bear seems to have been afflicted with rabies, and was in its last stages.”

Regional authorities said the couple’s family would be given 400,000 Indian rupees ($5,100) in compensation for their loss.

Last Year A Man’s Face Was Eaten By The Same Type Of Bear

The sloth bear is responsible for more fatalities than polar bears or grizzlies; and attacks leave victims with their faces torn off if they survive – and having their corpses eaten if they don’t.

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