University Of Missouri Student Is Now Paralyzed After Drinking Too Much Tito’s During A Hazing

A once young, vibrant college student is now paralyzed and brain dead from a fraternity hazing that went too far

A student at the University Of Missouri named Danny Santulli, 19, is now permanently blind; can’t talk and is paralyzed; after consuming so much alcohol and beer; for a fraternity hazing that took place in last fall.

The perfunctory hazing included Santulli chugging down a whole bottle of Tito’s before being forced fed tubes of beer. Footage was released Thursday of horrifying video; where Santulli is being force fed the beer through the tube on October 19.

This was Santulli passed out at the frat party, with his head on the floor, upside down off the couch.

The Family of the University Of Missouri Student Is Suing The Families Of The Students Involved

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