“He Told My Teacher Goodnight And Shot Her In The Head”,11 Year Old Survivor Says

The father of 11 year old Uvalde Texas massacre survivor gets emotional at the House Oversight Committee meeting

Miah Cerrillo, a fourth grader who survived the 19 children killed in a mass shooting at her school recalled the horrific day she was obviously divinely guided to do what she did; the one move that would ultimately save her life.

The child survivor thought fast and put blood on her face so the killer would assume she was already dead. No child should have to do such a thing. On Wednesday, during a Congress meeting, 11 year old Miah Cerrillo; survivor of the Texas school shooting on May 24 in Uvalde; told the panel that during the mass shooting where she witnessed several of her peers, and two of her teachers get murdered:

“I thought he was going to come back to the room’, she said in a pre-recorded statement that was played for the panel.

‘So I grabbed the blood and I put it all over me.’

The brave little girl went on to further convey her concern post shooting. During the hearing to the House Oversight and Reform Committee that there will be future school shootings. And that moreover; she doesn’t feel safe.


‘[The shooter] shot the little window and then he moved to the other classrooms and then he went – there’s a door between our classrooms – and he went through there. Then shot my teacher and told my teacher ‘goodnight’ and shot her in the head,’ Cerrillo explained of the mass shooting.

Congress Scaled Back & Forth On Gun Safety Before Making A Decision

Finally, the House voted to raise the age from 18-21 for firearm purchase. Brave Carrillo spoke among other survivors and victims if the Buffalo mass shooting as well. Among them were doctors, experts and gun safety experts as Congress discussed gun control. The courageous student continues to tell the horrific experience:

“And then he shot some of my classmates and the white board. When I went to the backpacks, he shot my friend that was next to me and I thought he was going to come back to the room,” she said I’m the recorded statement.

Miah Cerrillo Was Beyond Genius In Saving Her Own Life

“So I grabbed the blood and I put it all over me. I stayed quiet and then I got my teacher’s phone and called 9-1-1..and told her that we need help”, she said. Claiming it was at that point the police arrived to her classroom.

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