Twelve Injured and Three People Dead In Philadelphia Shooting

3People Dead and 12 Shot In Philadelphia Shootout

PHILADELPHIA-On Saturday night in Philly on South Street around midnight; a gunmen opened fire, killing at least three people. Just last week on Wednesday in Philadelphia there yet another mass shooting near Temple University that wounded five people and two of them are fighting their lives; currently in critical condition.

Last night, however in the most recent Philly shooting that killed three people; an officer fired back at one of the suspects; who dropped his weapon and ran, authorities said. Two semiautomatic handguns; one with an extended magazine, were found at the scene.

ABCNews reported:” Police officers were patrolling the area on South Street in central Philadelphia at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday when they heard multiple shots. Racing to the scene, they found several people with gunshot wounds lying on the sidewalk and in the street and began to render aid, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said.”


But then another responding officer spotted a man on a street corner firing a handgun into a large crowd; about half a block away, Outlaw said. Once he saw that, the officer drew his weapon and fired several times, and police believe the man was struck before he dropped his handgun onto the sidewalk and fled, Outlaw said.

Moreover, Philadelphia has seen quite a bit of violence this year alone. Prayers up for the city of brotherly love.

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