Pastor John Gray Has Allegedly Been Dating An Adult Entertainer


Whew chile! The streets are talking and it ain’t nothing nice. Apparently Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church has decided to step down, citing that he ‘needs counseling’ and allegedly is having some confusion on his sexuality at this juncture.

After telling YouTuber and influencer Tasha K that he had been molested as a child by a man who ‘peed in his mouth.

Poor Aventer. She’s really been through a lot with her husband; in the limelight of cheating and embarrassment.


Not to mention some footage that was sent to celebrity blogger Tasha K of John Gray with an open robe; two fingers on his genetalia seducing a young woman he had been conversing with and asking to come to his home in South Carolina.

Moreover, in the anonymous interview with a woman that Tasha K referred to as ‘Miss L’; whose admittedly in the adult entertainment industry; with a location in Florida. The particular said industry is one that provides massages and body rubs; and may ultimately include “happy endings”. The woman said the South Carolina pastor reached out to her online for her services; but because of who he is, he would cash app her to do ‘virtual viewings’ so that he could please himself sexually; citing several times to the woman that ‘he is not happy in his marriage’.

“He’s sending me Cashapps, he said he’s going to move me to Atlanta; and buy me a house and a car,’” the woman disclosed to Tasha K.

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John Gray Met Most Recent Woman In January 2022

Furthermore, she said the pastor kept trying to fly her out to South Carolina. She said they met in January 2022. She said he kept asking for pics and basically begging her to come to his location.

“I never knew he was a pastor because the cash apps always said ‘Charles Hall’.

The first payment he allegedly sent was $800. During this time, he told her he was not in a happy marriage; and that they were separated. Another incident was when he told her “he wasn’t happy and he wanted her to be his ‘special’ friend” .

The woman said things started out as phone sex and then things got more serious until the stories began to not add up. She said the pastor would masturbate on video calls with her. She said she would be out in public at the mall, etc and he would randomly call her while butterball naked.

This would make this woman the fourth that came forward with receipts about the ministers infidelities. However in the midst of it all, the common denominator is that John Gray has told all these wen that he doesn’t want to be married because he’s not happy.

Pastor John Gray started out as associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s church in 2018, which is when the rumors first began about his extramarital affairs. He then moved to South Carolina to take over Relentless Church. The pastor would publicly apologize to his wife, buy her an expensive car and move around to dip into more controversy, alleging three more women that came forward with receipts about the pastor would ask for sex, send cash apps to these women and make the same complaints that his wife doesn’t cook or give him sex.

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