Mo’Nique And DL Hughley Continue To Plead Their Case Amid May 28 Drama Onstage


Since Mo’Nique made a raw eruption on stage calling out DL Hughley for allegedly trying to breach their contract ; which ‘The Parkers’ actress was under the impression she was to headline the Detroit show. Since the tirade went viral; they’ve both presented their contracts on social media pleading their individual cases. But it doesn’t stop there. On DL Hughley’s radio show, he posed the question still to Mo’Nique, “Why did you attack my family, what did they have to do with the contract?”


“I’d been offered a couple gigs to work with Mo’Nique and I turned them down”, he says. But the actor says he went against his better judgement. He goes on to give details about the Detroit show that night and how everything unfolded from his perspective.

The Jasmine Brand Posted DL Hughleys Discussion On The Matter On

DL Hughley vented about the situation on his talk radio show.


“You wrote your contract, you and your Daddy”, DL says. This comes after Mo’Nique posted a contract with her company’s letterhead on it, ‘Hicks Media Entertainment’.

Mo’Nique Posts Her Own Replies On Social Media With Her Husband

In a nut shell, the Precious actress was still salty about an interview she did on DL Hughley’s radio show where she felt disrespected. Mo and her husband claim that her comedic colleague told a White man ‘all that she wasn’t; calling her every name but a child of God. She said when she came back to be clever with the name calling, she couldn’t believe he ‘got tender’. She says DL called her psychotic and a fanatic and makes poor decisions. “Now for every interview he’s done, I didn’t get it from nobody else. I saw it for myself”.

“I Didnt Think You Would Get Tender, In Your Feelings”

“I was making a joke DL and I can’t believe you got tender”.

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