Montgomery County MD Has Seized Over 70 Ghost Guns This Year

Maryland Gas Confiscated More Than 70 Ghost Guns

Maryland’s ghost gun ban begins this week on June 1. The law bans the purchase, transfer; or sale of any firearm that isn’t imprinted with a serial number; in accordance with federal law.

Additionally, the Maryland General Assembly approved the measure on March 29 to ban the so-called ghost guns, which don’t have serial numbers since their essentially self-built with a kit. According to FOX5 DC, by March 2023 all possession of a ghost gun will be illegal. Even still; believe it or not; Maryland’s governor, Larry Hogan declined to sign the bill, saying that the law would’nt penalize carriers of the gun. Instead, he urged lawmakers to pass crime-fighting measures that align with his values.

Nontheless, moving forward any ghost gun made after October 22, 1968 will have to have a serial number attached to it. Since the Magruder High School shooting in Montgomery County, several more ghost guns have turned up.


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