Ten Year Old Arrested For Murder Threats Online

Ten year old arrested for threatening to shoot up his school

As if there hasn’t been enough killings and shootings, a ten year old[Daniel Marquez] student threatened to shoot up his school in Florida; and immediately arrested after sending a text discussing his plans to kill.


Daniel Isaac Marquez Made A Written Threat To Thwart A Mass Shooting

Police claim the fifth grade student was arrested for acting like ‘a little delinquent’.


This comes not even a week after 19 children were gunned down inside their school; from a teen who went online as well to show his intentions to murder. The ten year is a student at Patriot Elementary school in Cape Coral, Florida. Daniel Marquez was described as ‘sickening’ to the sheriffs who arrested him. Sheriff Carmine Marceno held no emotions back in regard to the child’s intent; “This student’s behavior is sickening, especially after the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas”.

Meanwhile, a Cape Coral woman named Stacy Carter; is accused of threatening to scare attendees at a high school graduation with a fake bomb.

The woman added that she wanted to mimic the Denzel Washington movie ‘John Q; ‘about a father who holds a hospital emergency room hostage; in order to secure a life-saving operation for his child. 


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