Monique Goes Off On DL Hughley


Mo’Nique was beyond livid at the May 28 comedy show in Detroit and she let the audience know everything that was going down. Monique normally comes onstage with her larger than life bubbly personality. But this time, she was bubbly, but not in a positive way. She was clearly upset that her longtime friend in the comedian industry tried to get over on her. She claims DL Hughley tried to edit the contract for the Detroit show, to show that he would headline the show and not Mo’Nique.


However, Monique claims it was her name and not his that was supposed to headline the show. D L Hughley responded to Monique’s grievance on his social media, which gave fans a chance to chime in.

Mo Came Forth With Receipts After all

Whew Chile!!!


But!! Wait For It!! DL Hughley Posts His Receipt As Well

Whew Chile!!!! We need a church fan!!!

Crazy Part Is…. Both Contracts Separately List Them As Headliner For The Show

Mo’Niques contract lists her as headliner and DL Hughleys contract lists his name. So it looks like the problem could extend beyond the two of them; they both may have been mislead. However DL Hughley says he calls BS because he too zoomed in on Mo’Niques contract that lists her as headliner however it says Hicks Inc. which is Mo’s last name hence the name of her and her husband’s company. Ooopp!!! The plot definitely thickens at this point.

The thing is, that both their performance agreements list DL Hughley as the last person to perform. And Mo’Nique showed proof of that as well, but the argument is that there’s a difference between a performance agreement and an memo. Yet they also have line up schedule which are conflicting. It’s a whole mess and a lot to unpack and sort through. Hopefully they can figure things out and squash this beef.

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