Meghan Markle Makes A Surprise Visit To Uvalde Texas


Meghan Markle, the Dutchess of Sussex made a surprise visit to Uvalde Texas; after 19 children and 3 adults were killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school on Wednesday.

Meghan Markle took it a step further and donated food to volunteers. She showed up ready to show her solidarity with the families who took a loss in a grey tee and jeans and a black baseball cap. She laid a bouquet of white roses at impromptu memorial outside the Uvalde County Courthouse. Additionally, the queen visited a community center hosting a blood drive to contribute food for the blood donors.

As her own father recovers from a stroke, Markle put her personal issues aside and flew immediately from her California home to Texas on Thursday.


As previously reported, a teenaged boy shot his grandmother and went on the run into an elementary school; shooting and killing 19 children and three teachers. The shooter is now dead after police finally apprehended him.

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