15 Yr Old Girl Rescued From Pedophiles At Dallas Mavericks Game


Just a teenaged girl with her dad, on April 8; attending a Dallas Mavericks basketball game in the American Airline  Center; ended up in being abducted by sex traffickers. With the young woman going missing after telling her dad she was going to use the restroom; the police wouldn’t take it serious due to some Family Code Law in Texas that basically says ‘missing teens are considered runaways’….until it’s too late.

The 8 criminals involved were charged Friday

Due to the clause in Family Code Law, the family was essentially forced to seek other resources to find their child.

But thank God for a nonprofit whose mission is dedicated to ending sex trafficking that stepped up, as the teen had been missing for ten days; rolled up their sleeves and did the ‘work’ to locate the young woman. She was found at an Extended Stay America hotel in Oklahoma City on April 18.


Thus, Oklahoma City arrested the eight sex traffic criminals involved in the girls kidnapping on April 8. When the police arrived on the scene, however; according to MARCA news, they did scour the premises that same night. But not long after they would eventually direct the distraught family to the Texas Family Code.

“My daughter was missing in Dallas, this is a Dallas case, but they refused to open a case for her”, the girls father said.

However after she was found the family was undoubtedly grateful. “We are thankful for the work of the Oklahoma City Department and the recovery of our daughter. My heart breaks for the unimaginable things my daughter had to endure for the 11 days she was taken; and I am so glad she is safe as we work toward her recovery” the girls mom said in a statement on May 5.

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