BMF Star Lil Meech Arrested For Theft In Miami


It appears that the actor was attempting to purchase an expensive watch back in February; and had put a down payment on it but didn’t make the final payment. Nor did he return the watch.

TMZ broke story Wednesday that the Starz actor had been arrested after walking into Miami’s Haimov Jewelers and using his $80K Rolex as down payment for a Richard Mille watch. However he allegedly failed to cough up the remaining $200K owed on the Jesus peice. Therefore placing him in cuffs but he did manage to bail out the same day. So… Good for him I guess.

It’s unclear if he’s intending to go back and get the watch. I’m sure 50 Cent is signing some decent paychecks for his employees. Hopefully this fiasco won’t affect Lil Meechs career as the cast prepares for season two of BMF.


In an exclusive interview with All The Smoke, Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., who plays his father in the 50 Cent-powered BMF series on the Starz network, discusses how he hadn’t realized the impact his father had on the drug game until he was pretty much grown. talks about the moment he realized who his father really was and his impact on the drug game.

The story of the Flenory Brothers is shown in acute detail in the BMF series, but in real life, the son of Big Meech had no idea that his dad was a notorious drug dealer until well into his teens. The 21-year-old Flenory explained, “I really didn’t understand until I started my teenage years. I’m hearing the rappers say his name in songs and I’m going out and I’m just running into all type of different people and they tellin’ me what my dad did for them. Because my family still wasn’t telling me as I grew up, like, ‘Your daddy is Big Meech.’”

Big Meech was convicted of running a nationwide Continual Criminal Enterprise and Conspiracy To Launder Money Instruments until the FBI took down the Black Mafia Family in 2007. Meech was given a 30-year sentence but had some of his time reduced this past summer, as Judge David M. Lawson took 36 months off of Meech’s 360-month sentence.

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