Abortion Pills Are Increasing After Right To Abortion May Be Overturned


Since 1973 Row v Wade was overturned; news sources are reporting increased medication abortions. Understandably so, right?


“Everybody has a post-Roe; post-Dobbs plan, and for corporate abortion; it’s chemical abortion pills,” said Kristi Hamrick; policy strategist for Students for Life of America.

What Is Medication Abortion

It’s an oral method of aborting an unwanted fetus that the woman can administer to herself at home, that comes in the mail. The New York Times reported: “The protocol approved for use in the United States includeds two medications.” Firstly; the woman starts with pill #1 called mifepristone; it’s mission is to block a hormone within the woman called progesterone; that is needed for a successful pregnancy. Then the second pill [misoprostol]; plays an equally important role by contracting the uterus.


If the Supreme Court expectantly overturns Row v. Wade; this new method of abortion, which has worked for more than 99% of patients; will obviously be affected greatly. But how so? The combination of the two meds were approved by the FDA; for the use of abortion for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. World Health Organization guidelines say it can be used up to 12 weeks in a medical office.

On top of that it’s deemed healthy and safe; not only in the United States but in countries abroad as well.

“Some people still assume we’re talking about something dangerous; or done out of desperation; but increasingly this information is becoming more mainstream”; said Abigail R.A. Aiken; an associate professor at the Univ. of Texas at Austin; who leads a research group on medication abortion.

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