The Man Who Charged At Dave Chappelle Has 30k Bail


The man who thought it’d be smart to bumrush Dave Chappelle while on stage this week ended up in the hospital in police custody; after attacking Chappelle. Another on-stage attack. First, Chris Rock, now Dave Chappelle. Speaking of Chris Rock, he was present at the Hollywood Bowl the night Chappelle was bumrushed by a stranger.

The stranger eventually told Chappelle he did it because he was angry about some gentrification bull; regarding his grandmother being forced to move out of her home. Well, Isaiah Lee, 23, is now in jail until he can cough up the 30K. Chappelle sought after Lee after the incident to talk to him and find out why he did what he did. The stand up comedian told sources that Lee did appear to be “mentally ill” when he charged at him. Nonetheless, on Friday, the attacker entered a not guilty plea to four misdemeanor charges; with his next court date is set for May 20.

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