Kevin Samuels Passes Away At 56


It seems relationship podcaster Kevin Samuels,56, has died. Apparently he was allegedly found unresponsive in his Atlanta apartment.

Some close friends of the relationship advisor confirmed his death Thursday. One woman on social media even claimed that her husband was the responding officer who found Samuels earlier today at his Atlanta apartment.

However news outlets are reporting that the woman Samuels was with at the time claimed he had been complaining of chest pains earlier that day. She said she attempted to help him while seemingly having a stroke or heart attack but he fell on top of her. She called paramedics but by the time they arrived Kevin was on the floor, unresponsive.


Nonetheless, the rumors began trickling from Twitter. Known for his cringingly blunt ‘advice’ to women about why they were single, mainly because of their weight; or amount of kids they had. It’s mind boggling to me how many women would call into his show to be belittled and ridiculed. Kevin Samuels striked major controversy with his beliefs and values on the Black woman. He would often compare Black women to other ethnicities; reminding us of the triumphant heroes and prizes men are.

Well, his followers can visit him in the next life because he allegedly had a stroke and passed away. Details are still forthcoming.

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