FDA Alerts Users Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Due To Terminal Blood Clots


FDA is ringing the alarm on the J&J vaccine; claiming the injection causes life threatening blood clots. Consequently, the government agency is limiting the use of the one n done vax. Currently, the J&J vax is permissable only to adults 18 and older;and only if there is no other vaccine available. Daily Mail reported: “The decision comes after an investigation revealed those who got the vaccine were at increased risk for thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome.”

According to various news sources; the experiment on J & J resulted in symptoms showing up one to two weeks after receiving the injection.

According to Bloomberg, more than 15 million people overall have died from COVID-19. A number that resembles the size of several small countries. As we continue to navigate our way to normalcy, the world around us is constantly changing. We must adjust in order to win this pandemic fight.


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