Dave Chappelle Was Physically Attacked OnStage


What’s up with folks walking up onstage and physically assaulting people? This is the second person within two months that thought it was cool to make a spectacle of themselves.

Anyway, while onstage Tuesday night; around 10:45 p.m. at Hollywood Bowl during Netflix’s “Netflix Is A Joke” festival; Dave Chappelle,48, was physically attacked while introducing the next act to the stage, according to several news outlets.

On top of that, unbelievable footage shows the comedian on stage as a member the audience runs up to him and slams to the ground. But security jumped on the man immediately and tackled him to the ground. And then LAPD showed up according to ABC7.


The funny part was Chris Rock coming onstage afterward to console his friend, Chappelle, saying, “Will, was that you?” However, it wasn’t all smiles when we found out the attacker had a replica gun loaded with a real knife. It wasn’t reported that the attacker actually used it though. Although still very alarming. And at the very least…random; to just attack a comedian for no reason. Daily Mail reported: “Sources said Chappelle was subjected to a barrage of punches and kicks”; resulting in a broken arm.

The attacker is now in police custody at a Hollywood hospital for now.

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