President Putin Lied To Russia About Ukraine War

While Russia’s President Putin is allegedly undergoing surgery for cancer; he still nonetheless claimed the atrosities while Russia continues to experience set backs. Moreso, even weeks before the war; as the rumors had already started; Putin and his officials denied proposition for war.

Samuel Ramani, an expert on Russian foreign policy; said that is classic Russian disinformation.


“They’re trying to create a degree of uncertainty;” he told CBS News senior foreign correspondent Holly Williams.

“They’re trying to enable anti-establishment voices — in the far left; in the far right — about an alternative version of events,” Ramani said. “They’ve been stoking these conspiracies amongst those groups for years; and they’re also trying to erode, more indirectly; public trust in government institutions; liberal democracy and the media.”

Zelenskyy’s democracy is pushing back by revealing details on the horrors of Russia’s attacks; while giving journalists wide-ranging access to the conflict zone.

Meanwhile, back in March; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Russian mothers to do anything in their power to keep their sons from being deployed. He stated:“If you have the slightest suspicion that your son could be sent to war against Ukraine; act immediately” to prevent him being killed or captured; he warned.


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