How The President Intends To Drive Gas Prices Back Down


We’ve all felt it at the pump. Hoping the gas price would stop moving, while we stand there and literally watch our coins ‘go down the drain’. And it’s not that we mind paying, we just don’t need to pay twice,(some areas, more)as much as we’ve been paying. Because of Putin’s price hike, we’ve been suffering tremendously.

Because of Putin’s war of choice, less oil is getting to market, and the reduction in supply is raising gas prices at the pump for Americans. 

Biden’s Response To Rising Gas Prices

Last month, President Biden said at a press release: So, today, I’m laying out a two-part plan not only to ease the pain that families are feeling right now, but to end this era of dependence and uncertainty, and to lay a new foundation for true and lasting American energy independence.


Regardless, the national average cost for a regular gallon of gas may reach an all-time high this week.

According to Yahoo Finance, the GDP dropped by 1.4% at an annualized rate comparable to a 1.0% expected gain; which creates a roadblock for the White House to maneuver.

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