City Outraged After Video Footage Of The Murder Of Patrick Lyoya Released

Police Footage Finally Released Of The Cop Shooting Of Patrick Lyoya

Another life lost unnecessarily. Although Patrick Lyoya ran from the police during a traffic stop, murder wasn’t the solution according to the city who protested on Wednesday to have the cop fired.

During the traffic stop the officer repeatedly told Lyoya to release the taser he had grabbed ahold of; demanding “Drop the taser!”

The officer would end up on top of Lyoya; kneeling on his back.


Meanwhile Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump advocated for the police who shot the man to be fired. Initially Lyoya seemed to comply with the officers during the traffic stop; however he closed his driver’s side door and attempted to run off. That is when the altercation began with the taser and ultimately Lyoya being shot in the back of the head.

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