First United Church of Oak Park Fasts ‘From Whiteness’ During Lent


Like most churches leading up to Easter; Pastor John Edgerton at First United Church of Oak Park; a Caucasian manD of GodT decided to lead the congregatioon into a fast. Most fast from food. But Pastor Edgerton’s church moved a bit different. They fasted from Whiteness. Yep you heard it right. Whiteness.

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The Fast At First United Church Of Oak Park Has Resulted In Violence

Pastor Edgerton was forced to move services to virtual only for now because he’s received so many death threats. And for the safety of his congregation, he is playing it safe until he hears back from police after investigating. In response to all the backlash the pastor stated:

“We at First United love the diversity of this community in Oak Park, we love the racial and economic diversity; the bringing together people who are not the same, and that is what America is supposed to be about,” he said.

It seems odd that others would take offense. I mean, what they’re doing is not negatively affecting anyone. The pastor is trying to be inclusive. People are going to find something to be mad about, obviously. Moreover, the lead pastor said the meaning behind the bold headline was inspired by love for its diverse community. The sacrifice was giving up a traditional observance of Lent to exclusively showcase the voices and music of Black, people”, the Pastor told FOX News.


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