Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Prevent Ray J. From Sharing Old Viral Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Is Teaming Up With Lawyers To Keep Ray J. From Further Spreading 2007 Sex Tape

Even though anyone can Google the sex tape between the reality star and the singer; she knows that Ray J. has other recordings of their sexcapades that she doesn’t want leaked, according to The Sun.

It’s been fifteen years since the footage was released yet it essentially gave the SKIMS founder her celebrity. A marriage, divorce and four kids later, Kim Kardashian has decided to knuckle up and attempt to salvage her dignity and respect by proactively patterning with a lawyer to protect the distribution of her “private affairs”.

Kim, 41, has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring a crack team of lawyers to shut him down. And she is determined to protect her family “at all costs”.


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