DC Club Apologizes After Body Of Dead Rapper Was Propped Onstage


You just never think to see certain things in a lifetime. But life and people never cease to amaze. Bliss nightclub is hiding their hands in this situation that went viral of a dead body propped on stage; and saying they were clueless when a family used the venue for a funeral.

Must have been a local celebesque person; thus needing all the club space. The person who passed away was Markelle Morrow AKA Goonew. However,in a statement; Bliss nightclub said, “it was never made aware of what would transpire” during a $40 affair entitled “The Final Show”.

Bliss nightclub

Goonew’s mom told NBC “that’s how we wanted to go out. He didn’t want people to be sad and crying.”


She continued, “He always wanted people to be happy and having fun.” Goonew’s sister chimed in, “We want that message to be out: We celebrated the life of my brother how we wanted to. My brother was a legend.”

Morrow, 24, was fatally shot in a District heights parking lot last month. The case is still under investigation.

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