Female Immigrant Hidden In Duffle Bag Dodges Burning Car


An immigrant woman was held hostage by a smuggler and the car caught fire. During a high speed chase; border agents chased the vehicle on I-35 near Laredo in Webb county. The driver of the vehicle, according to reports, crashed while trying to evade police. The suspect now faces a variety of charges.The suspected smuggler was arrested and taken into custody.

The horrifying fiasco unfolded on March 24 when her alleged smuggler; David Padilla Jr., 29; sped off from an immigration checkpoint. After that; a K-9 unit alerted US Border Patrol agents to something in his car; authorities said. The footage shows police rushing to the burning vehicle to break the window and retrieve the duffel bag.

“Smugglers continue to expose those they are smuggling to dangerous and life-threatening conditions,” the Texas Department of Public Safety said in the wake of the ordeal.

the new york post

Padilla was later charged with transport; attempt to transport; and conspire to transport the female immigrant. 


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