Tyre Sampson Was An Aspiring Football Player And Honor Roll His Dad Said

Teen Who Fell To His Death At An Amusement Park Was Denied Two Other Rides According To His Cousin

“He showed respect for others, he was still saying sir and yes ma’am in 2022,” Yarnell Sampson; Tyre’s Dad said.

Tyre Sampson,14; who was from St. Louis; went on a football trip during spring break to Orlando with his team, according to CNN. While visiting; he went to the amusement park called ICON; rode the Free fall Droptower and passed away. However an investigation was done by the state reported that his seat belt was locked when he landed on the ride.

This would be the last time Tyre was seen

Sampson came out of the seat when the magnets engaged to slow the ride during the descent, according to CBC Miami; which was based on ride employee witnesses. The way the ride works is that is takes riders up to a 430-foot tower and drops at the speed of 75 mph.


Undoubetdly, he news hits home and is such a tragic loss, the Dollywood amusement park [jointly owned by famous Country singer Dolly Parton]shut their Free Fall Tower ride down in condolensce and respect to the passing of Tyre Sampson. Altough Dollywood wasn’t involved in Tyre’s death directly; the same company makes the free fall tower for both parks.

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Tyre Sampson Had High Hopes

Not only do his parents dote on him, but his coach rants and raves about Sampson. His father, Yarnell Sampson told CNN his son “was a very good young man. He was a big teddy bear, a gentle giant.”

Adding, that Tyre would “give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it.”

Tyre Sampson Was An Honorable Football Player On The Way To Becoming A Star”He

He Gave Me A Reason To Live. He earned the right to enjoy himself, and unfortunately, he lost his life on that ride.”


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