Chris Brown Claims To Sue Rape Accuser


TMZ broke the story today that Chris Brown showed receipts of text messages and voicemails of his rape accuser whose suing him for $20 mil; insinuating that she’s been lying about the sex crime. Nonetheless the R&B singer submitted a text from her saying, “It’s the best d***k she’s ever had”. The messages continue:

“You’re giving me mixed signals,” she says in the message. “You’re reading my messages and stuff but you haven’t replied to me so I guess you don’t hate me. I just wanna see you again. I mean, just answer the phone. You just hung up. Like, just let me know. If you want me to leave you alone, I definitely will. But I really just wanna f**k with you again.”

Chris Brown played a clip of the message on Instagram:

Moreover, the International Love hitmaker isn’t only just dealing with that court related issue. He’s got some other ish stirring behind a woman named Patricia Avila; who claims she’s suffered post traumatic stress after witnessing a gruesome 2020 incident that involved Chris Brown’s dog allegedly violently attacking her sister. Subsequently, on Wednesday Chris Brown’s lawyers asked the judge to throw it out of a Los Angeles court. smh whew chile! It’s a lot to unpack here.


On the other hand, the ‘Loyal’ hitmaker is onto other things. Which is his fave, which is music. Tuesday, Chris Breezy launched his new single entitled ‘Warm Embrace’; intended to be on his 10th studio album entitled Breezy‘. The album is set to drop on April 1.

Chris Brown and Torey Lanez perform together

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