Oklahoma Pastor Apologizes For Smearing Spit In Man’s Eye

An Oklahoma Pastor at a Tulsa megachurch is under big backlash for getting too ‘involved’ in his sermon on Sunday. We all know when the ‘spirit’ leads, you move. However, we also know that God does all things in decency and in order. And from the looks of it, Sunday’s service was extremely chaotic. Ain’t no God in that.

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Here’s What Happened

Pastor Michael Todd thought it’d be cool to bring a ‘visuality’ to his sermon; which is not uncommon. Especially if the church consists of a lot of youth and young folk. Visually showing the people of God how God moves can be quite ‘moving’ and soul stirring; when done in the proper context.


However, Pastor Michael Todd went a bit too far when; while on stage he spit in his hand and cupped it there for two minutes as he continued to preach.

The Oklahoma pastor held the spit in his hand as he finished telling his Tulsa megachurch congregation that ‘Jesus Christ had rubbed his own saliva on a blind man’s eyes to miraculously give him sight.’

He held it in one hand as he used the other to touch the shoulder of a man; who was later identified as his brother; standing beside him with his eyes closed.

“God’s saying, ‘Can you physically and spiritually and emotionally … stand when getting the vision or receiving it might get nasty?’” Todd asked.

Then, the pastor of Transformation Church rubbed his hands together; turned to the man and smeared his spit across the man’s face. Parishioners gasped and groaned. Clips of the sermon have gone viral, including one that had been viewed 1.7 million times as of Tuesday morning. People questioned Todd’s theatrics as coronavirus infections in Oklahoma have jumped 56 percent in the past week, according to The Washington Post’s covid-19 tracker.

The Oklahoma Pastor Apologizes

Obviously, he faced ubiquitous criticism for going ‘too far’ with his sermon skit. However, since the ‘gross’ misconduct, he’s apologized.

‘I just want to acknowledge what happened yesterday when the spit hit the fan,’ he said in an apology ‘I watched it back and it was disgusting, like that was gross’ .

Rev. Michael Todd apologizes in a video

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