Kanye West took Chaney Jones Shopping In Miami

Kanye West Takes Kim K Look A Like On Shopping Spree

Kanye West has a new girlfriend just that quick and she looks identical to Kim Kardashian. He’s been seen several times out with her [Chaney Jones]. This time he did a ‘Julia Fox’ remix and actually took her shopping instead of bringing the shopping to her.


“They walked through Bal Harbour Shops and stopped at Balenciaga and then took the elevator to the second floor to Makoto, where they dined on spicy tuna crispy rice and a few cocktails,” an insider tells Page Six.

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You just never know what you’re gonna get when it comes to Kanye West. And you never know who you’ll see him with. But he’s so obsessed with his estranged wife seems he went and found a real life clone in Chaney Jones. This isn’t the first time the pair have been spotted out in public together.


Their first ‘date’ was when Chaney made an appearance at the rapper’s Donda 2 listening party in Los Angeles, California on February 7, 2022. At the time; the Kim look-alike showed up to the event in an all-black catsuit; pretty much identical to one of Kim’s signature looks.

Meanwhile, Kim and Pete are still holding strong; while an inside source says they are still excited for what’s to come in regard to a future together. Despite Kanye’s attempts to sour things between them. Pete Davidson recently rejoined Instagram after deleting his account due to the threats and whiny behavior coming from Kanye. Well not really so much Kanye, but moreso protection from Ye’s fans.

Kanye West Tried To Drive Out Pete’s IG

“A source indicates that Davidson’s exit from Instagram had absolutely nothing to do with Kanye West’s cyberbullying, but it may have had a lot to do with some of the rapper’s fans.

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Nonetheless, hopefully Kanye will move on and enjoy his new boo. Maybe he and Chaney will really connect. Because Kim has clearly moved on and it doesn’t look she will going backwards anytime soon.


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