Two Young Men In Maryland Abducted A Woman They Knew

Two Men In Montgomery County Maryland have been arrested and charged with kidnapping a young woman

Police Say The Victim Knew The Abductors

MARYLAND- Montgomery County Police Dept. says that on February 5th a young lady was approached at Unplugged Restaurant & Sports Bar in Wheaton on Georgia Ave; by two Hyattsville men she was familiar with.

The undercover kidnappers convinced their acquaintance to leave the bar with them; only to physically assault and abduct her. The friendly drive she apparently thought was going to take place; took an awful, unexpected turn rather quickly; once she realized they were not there to be ‘friendly’.

Unplugged Sports Bar

The Two Maryland Men Have Been Identified As Javier Antonio Ortiz, 22, and Edward Manuel Reyes, 22.

Once in the car, the victim was beaten and threatened with a handgun when she tried to exit the vehicle,” police said

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Both Reyes and Ortiz drove away with the victim inside the car; away from the club. It’s unclear as to where the woman was told they were going. But “before losing consciousness; the young woman was pulled from the vehicle; where the suspects allegedly continued to beat her,” according to police. After that, the victim then woke up on the side of the road on the 2600 block of Powder Mill Rd. in Prince George’s County.

Reyes, 22

Undoubtedly, its sad that you can’t even trust people you deem as friends. Furthermore, these men clearly were not true friends of hers as she thought.

Nevertheless; Ortiz faces charges of kidnapping and second-degree assault. Reyes is accused of kidnapping; first and second-degree assault; illegal possession of a gun; and possession of a firearm in the use of a felony. According to NBC News4; one of the criminals is hospitalized for an injury not related to this case. On February 16, the two men were taken in for questioning and finally arrested.

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