Da Baby Is Being Sued By Danileigh’s Brother


Last week Da Baby and his entourage jumped Danileigh’s brother whose name is Brandon Bills; at a bowling alley in SoHo, L.A.


Bills was beat up and kicked by Da Baby and his ‘boys’.

While it’s unclear as to what led to the fiasco, we can assume it has something to do with when DaBaby called the police on Danileigh while holding she and DaBabys shared infant daughter. All while recording the clown behavior on social media in an attempt to further humiliate his child’s mother. Therefore, reiterating that the altercation between the two men most likely stemmed from that. One of the men propositioned the other on a social media live footage. And they both met up at the bowling alley to scruff it out.


TMZ notes Bills has filed a lawsuit claiming DaBaby suddenly attacked him as he walked by. The beatdown resulted in severe pain and injury. During the encounter, Bills says he didn’t fight back and received physical and psychological damage, in addition to medical bills and sustained disability.

In addition to the lawsuit; the ‘Bop’ rapper is under investigation by local law enforcement for the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. In the ordeal, DaBaby claims self-defense.

DaBaby is being sued for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence.

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