Bob Saget Cause Of Death Raising More Questions


The police are saying Bob Saget’s cause of death is synonymous with him hitting his head on a headboard; or ‘falling down the stairs.’ And Full House co-star Candace Bure is giving the side eye on what the police are saying; emphasizing that Saget most likely died after hitting his head on the headboard of his bed at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

According to Daily Mail, Full House’s DJ Tanner; the daughter to Bob Saget’s 80’s character as her dad; co-star Candace Cameron Bure told Fox and Friends in an interview; allegedly the same day Bob Saget’s family was granted a restraining order to stop the sharing of the pictures from the night he died; along with other details pertaining to his cause of death. A Florida judge agreed with their arguments and granted the request for the injunction; CNN reported. “In the process of these investigations, Defendants created records which include photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, statutorily protected autopsy information, and all other statutorily protected information,” the lawsuit stated. “Upon information and belief, some of these Records graphically depict Mr. Saget, his likeness or features, or parts of him, and were made by Defendants during Defendants’ investigations.”

Thus, Candace claimed her co-stars still ‘raises a lot of questions’.

Bob Saget and Candace Bure on Full House

Bob Saget died at the age 65; while living out his dream of making people laugh. Even though some of his comedy was not family oriented; he nonetheless helped a lot of people in the industry. His t.v. daughters have nothing but kind words to say about his character and his demeanor both on and off the show.

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