Superbowl Celebrity Maskless Madness

Since a lot of A-list celebs were inside of boxes at the Superbowl, they didn’t wear their masks; causing outrage.


Jay Z and Beyonce were there too. However there are several videos and pics of Jay Z, at least at the start of the game, wearing a black mask.


California has an indoor mask mandate, which includes SoFi Stadium just outside of Los Angeles. Almost none of the celebrities shown on the telecast were wearing masks. NBC aired the first half segment of the Superbowl, revealing a lot of celebs ignoring California’s mask mandate and Twitterians went TF awwff.

Yep These Californians Are Really Upset

Moreover, the gripe here is that California students will be forced to go to school on Monday wearing a mask; while over 70,000 people could congregate amongst each other without one. Meanwhile, there were some tweets that showed the mayor indoors without his mask on as well. Thus, folks are not wanting to take the mandate seriously after the superbowl.

Whew Chile There’s More


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