Prince Andrew Has Been Advised By His Brother To ‘Stay Out Of Sight’

Prince Andrew Has Been Stripped Of Honorary Military Roles Amid Sex Scandal

It sucks when your own brother doesn’t want anything to do with you. Prince Andrew’s brother Prince Charles; is considering banishing his brother from royal activities and the family until all this sex scandal mess sorts out. Or not. Prince Charles advised his brother to “keep out of the line of sight”.

Additionally Prince Andrew may get banned from the Royal Lodge where he resides with his ex wife, Sarah Ferguson; according to Daily Mail.

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The Duke of York is accused by his former masseuse of wanting to be naked instead of using a towel and always trying to hug her after the session. He’s also being accused of raping a 17 year old Virginia Giuffre; while running with the late globally known pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Moreover, Virginia Giuffre has a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II‘s son with his arm around her at Ghislaine Maxwell‘s home in London; which she has included as evidence.


Prince Andrew, 61, has not been seen near the castle since the scandal took place. Yahoo!News reported:

Recent polling shows that 81% of the British public have a negative view of the Prince of York; that 70% think Virginia Giuffre’s allegations of sexual abuse against him (despite the fact he has denied them repeatedly); have damaged the monarchy either “very much” or “somewhat.” The royal family is so concerned about the reputational damage that they have cut him off publicly in pretty much every way possible.

He is, they have emphasized, defending the civil case as a “private citizen.” He will not call himself His Royal Highness, no-one in the military will have to toast him as their chief and he has even relinquished honorary membership of his golf club.

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