Seven Keys To Passive Income For 2022


If you’re anything like me, your dream job is making money while you sleep. Starting a blog and a podcast has ‘parted my red sea’ of passive income woes. I mean, but you might be thinking, blogging and podcasting isn’t really my thing. My answer: Cool. But whatever your avenue of passive income is; you’re still going to need essentials that all businesses need. And here is where is where the ‘keys’ are found for this year.

Yep, this year. We’re not waiting anymore for our ships to come in. We’re putting on our water gear, strapping on our life jacktets and diving in ourselves. Because, I mean hey, money will find you, but you’ve gotta be in the right frequency to get it. Which means, you gotta do something.

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One of the ways in which you can make passive income is creating digital media. Everyone who has a business, which most people do nowadays, will need a logo. Currently, there are over 6 million bloggers in the world today. Bloggers always can use ghost writers, social media management, the list goes on and on right? Get where I’m going with this? You can sign up in one place to offer all of these services and earn money; even while you’re sleeping.


Another form of great passive income is being an Amazon Affiliate Marketer, where Amazon pays you for advertising their products.

Passive Income Comes In Hundreds Of Streams

Never forget about the most easiest form of passive income, where there’s no money involved; and that is investing. Investing in your favorite stock. Purchase cash-flowing investments and let the money swim right in your bank account while you kick back and relax. Nowadays, you have youtube, you can create videos of you making your favorite meals, or even just eating ice. Theres a niche for just about anything on the internet. Sell youself, don’t sell yourself short. On Fiverr, you can sell over hundreds of thousands of your digital services; from editing documents for people, to creating websites. If you’re good with SEO, that puts you in top tier for the need of digital services. Kinda like being bilingual.

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