Billie Eilish Came To A Complete Stop To Give A Fan An Inhaler While Sneak Dissing Travis Scott

Billie Eilish made sure a concert attendee was ‘straight’ before moving on while she performed in Atlanta on Feb. 5; at The State Farm Arena. A fan was seemingly choking during a small break in the concert. The singer came to a complete hault :“Are we good here?” Billie asked while pointing to the concertgoer in the crowd. “Hold on. I got you.”


Taking a sneak diss at Travis Scott for not stopping his Astroworld concert while people were being crushed literally to death; Eilish stated at her concert, “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.”


Believe it or not; this is not the first time the ‘Six Feet Under’ singer stopped a show over concerns about her fans’ well-being. In September 2021, while performing at The Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City; she interrupted her set to reprimand security after multiple people had to be escorted out for what was believed to be medical issues.

“Security, why aren’t you paying attention? Like, for real,” she yelled out before asking the crowd, “Everybody good? Are you OK?”

Out of the mouths of babes…gotta love this kid. Billie Eilish gets much respect for her maturity and leadership qualities. “And a child shall lead them”….


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