Walking Dead Moses J. Moseley Family Believes He Was Murdered


Last week it was announced that zombie actor ‘Walking Dead’ Moses J. Moseley was found dead in his car in Georgia. The actor was found ‘with the doors locked, a gun in his lap and a facial bullet wound’. Thus, the reason police were investigating and believed the death to be the result of a possible suicide. However, this week Moseley’s sister, Teera Kimbro is stepping up with a different narrative.

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Moses Moseley played ‘Mike’ in The Walking Dead

Subsequently, the gun that was found was actually Kimbro’s; as she says her and Moseley would frequently go to the gun range together.

On the contrary, Kimbro, told TMZ that she believes her brother’s death to be a kidnapping and homicide; killing him three days after he was kidnapped. Additionally, she said that her brother was on good terms with everyone. He loved life and people loved him as well. She has no reason to believe he would have killed himself.


She went on to say that her brother had booked a taping for the Monday before he was found dead. But the hurtful part is that he never arrived for it; something she says is completely out of the ordinary for him.

“He loved his career and had big plans for the future”, she told the news outlet.


A service is being held on Saturday for Moses Moseley in his hometown of South Carolina.

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