Home Depot Employee Busted For Swapping Register Bills For Counterfeit Bills Over A Span Of Four Years


An Arizona Home Depot employee was arrested January 31; for using counterfeit bills he ordered from Amazon. The employee got away with about $400,000.


Adrian Jean Pineda, a vault associate; is accused of taking cash from the Tempe store’s deposits; between 2018 and 2022; and replacing it with counterfeit bills during his shifts, KSAZ-TV reported.

Officials with the Secret Service said the Home Depot store recorded $387,500 in losses from January 2018 to January of 2022, and that Pineda was caught on video red-handedly swapping the fake bills at least 16 times.


“He was taking out the real money and replacing it with counterfeit, so if you had a thousand dollars of counterfeit that he brought in to work that day, he would take ten 100 dollar bills out of the stack for the bank deposit,” said Frank Boudreaux Jr., Special Agent In Charge with the U.S. Secret Service’s Phoenix Field Office. “There was a lot of coordination, and it was strategic in proving that this was knowingly and willingly committed.”

Moreover, on the counterfeit notes special agents seized from Wells Fargo Bank that was used by Pineda’s store, they say the serial number read “play money.” Investigators learned that you can order the prop money from Amazon for a 100 count pack of $100 dollar bills cost $9.

Most people order the play money for acting, manifesting, and to put on altars. Not to commit crimes with. It’s intriguing nonetheless that he was able to get away with this for four years.

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