Texas Parent Demands Michelle Obama Book To Be Removed From Classroom


A Katy, Texas parent demanded a Michelle Obama biography be removed from the shelves at her child’s school. You ready for the reason?? She says because it will make White children feel bad about themselves. Listen, we can’t make this stuff up. Primarily, this is literally America. By the same token, imagine just being yourself and a biography was written about YOUR life; and people demand it be removed; because they are just that bothered.

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Gotta laugh to keep from crying, right? Anyway, the delusional woman said ‘it unfairly depicted Trump as a bully; and would make White girls feel ashamed’. Continuing, “if you sound like a white girl you should be ashamed of yourself,” NBC News reported.

Nonetheless, the parent is bishing over a book about the former First Lady titled “Michelle Obama: Political Icon” by Heather E. Schwartz; according to NBC News, which on Wednesday published a list of 50 books that parents in Texas have asked schools to remove. In like manner, it’s unclear what the other books are referencing, however this particular book is the main gripe.

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Michelle Obama addresses COVID 2021/Credit: Source: glamour.com

The School District Responds To The Foolery

In a statement to Insider; Schwartz said she was “shocked” that someone wanted to ban her book; because it “is a nonfiction book that doesn’t strike me as at all controversial.”

Maria Corrales DiPetta; a spokesperson for the Katy Independent School District, told Insider the district reviewed the book after the complaint and for that reason; it’s been determined it would not be removed.

“Any book that is challenged is reviewed by the district, even if only one parent submits a complaint”, she said. We could have gotten hundreds of requests, and it would have gone through the same process.”


After all, the book is still on the shelves and the bothered women can continue to be….well…..bothered.

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