Voter Ballots Of Black People 4 Times More Likely To Be Rejected

Rejected Voter Mailed In Ballots Result In Racial Disparities

Washington State reports thousands of Black residents who mailed in voter ballots; were four times more rejected than ‘others’. Same numbers in Georgia. Of course state officials disagree; saying that were no signs that ballots cast by Black or other minority voters were knowingly singled out by poll workers; or that any of the ballots were deliberately falsified. Nonetheless, one out of every 40 ballots was rejected due to illegible signatures. And the fact remains that they were mostly minorities; which raising disturbing scrutiny.

“It’s not acceptable, quite frankly,” said State Auditor Pat McCarthy, a Democrat, whose office conducted the audit. She urged election officials to take steps to address the disparities

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Photograph by Audra Melton / NYT / ReduxStrong outreach to African-American voter registration was central to the success of the Democrats in both Senate races.

Voter Rejection Rates Were Elevated For Minorities In NC As Well

According to Seattle Times; ballots were likely to be rejected from not only minorities; but youth and also men. Moreover, the analysis stems from an audit of mixed hard data and statistical modeling; according to the auditor’s office.

Even in North Carolina; if you look back at 2020 voter data; NBC reported that there were signs of racial disparities; even at the onset of the voting process. A study done by the University of Florida revealed that North Carolinians who mailed in ballots; were twice as likely to be rejected than their counterparts.


Clearly there’s a missing link in the process of voter count. In 2020, Black voters mailed in their votes more than ever for the first time in history; due to COVID shutdowns and high alert areas; which cause a myriad of global and voter inconveniences. There was also issues with the post office delivering and obtaining mail which caused another layer of catastrophe during such a prominent and important time in history. This was a ubiquitous inconvenience on a global level. However, the problem created a new way of doing things; especially for older voters who couldn’t get out. Thus minimizing constitutional rights of minorities to have their votes properly accounted for.

Mailed In Voter Ballots Being Flagged

The Rev Anthony Spearman; head of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP; attributed the racial disparity in Black voter ballots being flagged; to the fact that African Americans traditionally have not widely voted by mail in the state. Instead, he suggests for opting for in-person voting. Which is obviously most peoples choice however for some it just wasn’t possible.

To add, elections officials report the three most common mistakes leading to ballot rejection are; omitted signatures, lack of a witness signature; or blank address lines; according to Bloomberg.

Since then; North Carolina requires mail-in voters to get a witness for their ballots; and at least 7,000 mail-in ballots were flagged in 20202 statewide; because of a deficiency, according to data collected by Michael Bitzer; a professor at Catawba College who closely tracks voting data in the state.

“The African American community; many of them for the first time, are utilizing absentee ballots; and have not been cultivated to the practices thereof. There is a level of them being not aware of the process and how it goes; and so they’re not filling out their forms correctly;” Sparman said.

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