CNN President Resigns Wednesday Morning

Welp! That escalated quickly… Jeff Zucker chucked the deuces to CNN Wednesday morning; after he was forced to tell the truth about a secret affair he had been having with another CNN staffer.


Rumor had been circulating for several years from within CNN’s own employees about Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust’s love affair. According to Daily Mail; the most ‘powerful man in media’ admitted to secretly dating Allison Gollust for twenty years.


According to Radar Online, the pair had been having the affair while they were both still separately married to other people. Gollust worked for NBC under Andrew Cuomo as his communications director; prior to that, she was at NBC Studios; totaling her tenure at NBC to be about 20 years.

In 2012, she was hired at CNN as Chief Marketing Officer.

Nonetheless, the fact is that CNN has a company policy that has a morality clause mandating termination of anyone who taints the network’s brand. Making it even more complicated, the termination of Chris Cuomo on December 4 is tangled up in this mess as well. For the simple fact that Allison, Jeff’s side piece worked for Andrew Cuomo. Additionally it’s rumored that both Jeff and Allison’s marriages ended due to the alleged affairs that were taking place. So there’s undoubtedly a lot to unpack here.

The talk in the corridors of CNN about Jeff and Allison’s purported relationship complicates the sticky decision to fire Chris,” an insider at the network dished to the outlet.

Folks Are Angry That Gollust Is Still Employed

Even though Zucker admitted to the fallacies and resigned, some of the CNN workers are having a hard time understanding why Gollust is still welcomed and employed at the network giant. It takes two to tango. Some of the female inside sources say Gollust is just as guilty for lying about the affair “for years”, inside sources told The Post.

Jeff Zucker Was Married For 20 Years

Before his divorce was finalized in 2018, he and his wife had been together for over two decades. They both claimed the romance had died and the time had dissipated due to Jeff’s hectic work schedule.

Jeff Zucker and ex wife Caryn Zucker

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