NYC Businesses Will Be Forced To List Salary In Job Postings

NYC has new bill passed that forces businesses to include job salary range within job listings

NYC is implementing a new law for job posters of some establishments. According to the New York City Human Rights Law it will soon be unlawful for a company to list a job opportunity without including the minimum; and maximum salary for the particular role. In an attempt to bridge the gender gap in pay, the new bill is set to be enforced in the Spring, effective May 15, 2022.


How Does The Transparency Law Affect NYC

The Transparency Law gives one the right to public information. The employer’s specific obligation is to post the “lowest to the highest salary the employer in good faith believes at the time of the posting” for a particular position. New York City employers with more than four employees must include the minimum and maximum salary range offered in the job listing. This includes promotional and transfer opportunities.

All NYC businesses will have to adhere to the new bill that was passed that mandates all job posters to include salary in the listing. Independent contractors are included in determining whether an employer is covered; while temporary positions advertised by temporary staffing agencies are not.

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To this end, this could be the new normal for other states as well; moving forward. But this gives the job seeker more data; and the chance for an open and honest dialogue about the benefits as a whole. Of course, some businesses aren’t too happy already about the new mandate that will take place. Some feel like it’s just not necessary. According to Business Insider; the Chief of Executive of the Partnership for NYC says, “It’s just the wrong solution.”

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