Cryptocurrency Has Crawled It’s Way Into The Sports Arena.

According to CNBC, the cryptocurrency world has signed some major deals with teams like LA Lakers for $700 million.  Sports fans can invest and spend money in the name of their fave teams through crypto. Com

As financial literacy expands in the world, people are becoming adjusted to using more than just one type of currency. Cryptocurrency is becoming more ubiquitous in an array of various arenas.

The digital currency world is growing in vast numbers. Now sports fans can not only invest but consume in the present a currency owned by their favorite sports team. Through fan tokens, several clubs can join in on the new phenomena.

“We don’t think that fan tokens will replace other revenue streams, but it’s an extra revenue stream from outside of the traditional model and it’s one that is becoming more and more important in terms of mitigating the impact of losses elsewhere” said CEO of ( a fan engagement platform based on blockchain technology); Alexandre Dreyfus.

He further explained:

“Those who own fan tokens have been actively participating in club life through our app.


“They are digital assets that boost fan engagement,” he said.


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