Kelly Price Gathered Jocelyn Savage’s Mom After Interview With Luenell

Kelly Price sat down with vladtv and interviewed with comedian and actress Luenell about her relationship with R. Kelly recently. The singer shared that she and R. Kelly were like brother and sister and she was close friends with his then, wife, Andrea.


“How do you feel about him being convicted on these nine counts he being convicted on”. Kelly responded:


“I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, Kelly said; in regard to the rumors about R.Kelly being sexually involved with underaged girls.

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Price also said it’s not odd that others join in on the crime, so much so that mother’s have brought their daughters to R. Kelly for “business purposes.” In an attempt to get backstage, seeking an opportunity for their children. Overall, Kelly Price didn’t say anything out of line about R. Kelly at all. Not to mention, she generalized a lot of the underaged sex crimes, not singling out the pied piper.

“Young woman of color are so unprotected”. “I’ve seen mothers bring their daughters backstage”, the Soul Of A Woman singer told Luenell.

Kelly Price Shared The Normalcy Of Desperation In Some Mother’s

Kelly went on to say it’s been cultural that mothers bring their daughters to the ‘Bump n Grind’ singer.

“I’ve toured with some of everybody; and seen the mothers…. bring their daughters, dressed in twin outfits, looking for an opportunity.”

Well, apparently Jocelyn Savage’s mom, Jon Jelyn Savage took offense to what Kelly Price told Luenell in the vlad interview and posted this comment under Kelly’s post:

@mskellyprice for whatever reason other mom were back stage or in business meetings at a studio, it doesn’t give him the right to recruit for his cult. Let’s say your mom was backstage with u doing legitimate business moves in the industry, does that automatically mean u back there not for your talents & just as a groupie. NO, it does not.

JonJelyn continued:

“What he did to my family & I is inhumane & all who knew s/b brought to Justice along with him like @kevingyles @cherylmack etc, who turned a blind eye. I encourage u to tread lightly.”

Of Course Kelly Price Didn’t Take Kindly To That Threat

The Soul Train Award winning hitmaker immediately responded!On the other hand, Kelly Price never said anything to tarnish her friend, R. Kelly’s name.
In the first place, she maintained that she never saw anything she could pinpoint illegal. Due to their family oriented friendship, the Lullaby singer assumed his respect for her outweighed any sloppyness he would allow her to witness. So it’s odd that Jocelyn’s mom would take Kelly’s comment’s personal. When she clearly told Luenell, “she’s worked with some of everybody, and everybody needs to be held accountable”. But Kelly Price held it down and let her know who she was really messing with.

Kelly Price posted on a Instagram live, “I’m going live because if you crazy enough to threaten me, I’mma put you out there.

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“Be really careful about telling me I need to tread lightly and not be prepared to back up what you say”, the Friend of Mine singer said with a straight face.

She continued, “I said what I said and I can stand behind everything that I said.”

I Was Raped As A Kid. I Was Also Molested…

Kelly went on to say in her Instagram response. “And I would never stand behind someone who is doing the same thing”, she said. She goes on: “I said what I said and I meant what I said. I said what I had to say about R. Kelly; he’s in jail right now.”

I also said I believe that’s where he belongs because where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But please Ms. Savage. You threatened me. And you told me I should tread lightly”

“You don’t know me like that. You don’t know me like that. I have nothing to do with what your family went through. I wasn’t around when ya’ll were around. And I will never stand in the corner of somebody who is violent towards women.”

“But it sounds like a hit dog is hollering right now.”

I never said anything about your family. The statement that I made was about the children, but it sounds like a hit dog is hollering right now.”


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