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Let’s talk about trending news this week and even this morning. Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Happy Friday my lovely gems!! We have soooo much to discuss. Meet me in the Gem den.

Kanye West out here starting rumors about Pete Davidson; while messy blogger Tasha K has to pay Cardi B $4 million in defamation lawsuit. Let’s listen to her response on the podcast from Wednesday she posted on her Youtube channel. But speaking of Ye, let’s chop it up real quick about the viral 2015 tweet from Amber Rose and her response about the old tweet, today.

Since wer’e talking about throwback drama’s; Chris Brown is re-living another alleged accusation of abusing a woman. A ‘Jane Doe’ is accusing Breezy of rape in Miami while partying with Diddy. She claims the singer spiked her drink and took advantage of her. And then in other trending news, President Biden missed an almost catastrophe this morning as he was headed to Pittsburgh when a bridge collapsed, leaving a vehicle hanging off of it.


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