New Jersey Mom Stabbed Five Month Old Daughter


NEW JERSEY- Kristhie Alcazar,26; a New Jersey mom stabbed her 5-month-old infant in the chest Wednesday night according to police.

Citing detectives, the newspaper reported that police were first made aware of the girl’s pregnancy through a referral filed with the local child services’ branch by her mother on June 22. Eight days later, the girl reportedly received a medical abortion in Indianapolis. Court records say the rape occurred on May 12.

While the father was not home; the baby had several visible stab wounds. The prosecutor’s office said dispatchers received “an open 911 call with audible disturbance in the background.”

After police were called; they arrived to Penns Grove Gardens complex around 11 p.m.  and found Alcazar still quarrelling with someone. Upon further investigation; the police found the dead baby in the home; at which point they confiscated several knives from the home. Alcazar admitted to killing her infant child when telling police she did it “to fulfill the last of her sins; which was murder.”


New Jersey Mom Says She Was Mentally Sane

The heartless New Jersey mom reportedly told police “she would not change any of the events surrounding the murder,” according to an affidavit, obtained by ABC 6.

She also said she was of “sound mind and body” at the time the New Jersey mom committed the ruthless crime against her own baby.

Alcazar was processed and is currently being held in the Salem County Jail without bond. The mother made her first court appearance in December and if convicted will face life in prison.

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