Magruder High School Shooting

MARYLAND- A Montgomery County school, Magruder High; was equipped this morning with additional counselors and security; after a student shot another student Friday. Other students witnessed the shooting; and instead of notifying authorities; they tweeted about it.


17-year-old Steven Alston Jr. is accused of shooting a 15-year-old classmate around 12:50 p.m. Friday; inside a bathroom at the school. Prosecutors say Alston Jr. used a pistol that was a ghost gun; with no traceable serial number— which he purchased online — to point at the student’s head after a disagreement. And when the victim tried to push the gun away, it went off, critically injuring him. Alston will be charged as an adult.

Students At Magruder High School

Although a Montgomery County District Court judge ordered Alston Jr. to be held without bond; the judge did approve a transfer to a juvenile facility. Alston Jr.’s public defender asked if the juvenile could stay with his mother and be on 24/7 home detention. However, the judge denied that request. 

Montgomery County’s States Attorney Slams These Crimes

First of all, Alston told authorities he bought parts for the 9 mm ghost gun online. He claims he assembled the firearm with a friend; a prosecutor said in court Monday.  However he is not the first minor in Montgomery County to have possession of a ghost gun and use it on another minor. And Moco states attorney raises major concern, saying they are going to be charging students as adults who take that approach.

“Guns have no place in our schools,” State’s Attorney John McCarthy said outside a courthouse. “Guns will not be tolerated. There will be profound consequences to anyone who brings a gun into our schools.”

press release

Moreover, McCarthy said this academic year, five ghost guns have been recovered from county schools. 

“I’m concerned because this is not the first ghost gun that’s been seized from a minor or a child in Montgomery County,” he said. 


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