Kanye West “Don’t Play Wit My Kids”


Recently Kanye West claims he wasn’t given the location to his daughter Chicago’s birthday party. Amid a somewhat-messy split between he and his estranged wife, they both have been dating other people publicly. And at first Kanye seemed to take umbrage to the split; he first begged Kim to ‘come back home to him‘ during a Larry Hoover concert in which she declined. Sadly, things began to take a downward turn from there. To add, Ye released a single featuring The Game, with a witty bar in the track, saying that he would beat Pete Davidson’s (Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend) azz.

Davidson responded saying he thought it was funny and all the commotion surrounding his new relationship has actually brought he and Kim closer together.

Kanye West Issues A Warning

In an interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unblocked, which aired on Jan. 24, the rapper talked openly about his new ‘normal’ with his children and how he will move forward.


“And to participate without no noise,” he stated. “’Cause they can go on SNL and make jokes. They can make jokes in the media; plant stories about whoever I’m dating, whatever they want to do. They can block deals. They could do all that type of stuff.”

“But I’ma tell you straight up, don’t play with my kids,” Kanye continued, looking straight at the camera. “Don’t play with my kids. Whoever y’all work for, whoever y’all think the family is working for, I’m telling you right now, don’t play with my children. And it’s going to be all legal. It’s going to be all legal, baby.”

Kanye added that he’s going to be calm and is not going to let the Kardashians manipulate him in the media.
“You ain’t finna gaslight me, it’s going to be calm like this,” he said. “But that’s not what we finna play.”

The rapper continued, “And this is for everybody that’s ever been in a situation like this that didn’t have a voice,” Kanye added. “This is what we are on, this is what time it is. I got the house right next to my children. Gangsta.”

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