Burger King Employee Killed In Staged Alleged Stage Robbery


MILWAUKEE- The story seems a bit complicated as a 16 year old Burger King employee got caught up in her best friend and best friend’s father planned criminal activity.

Niesha N. Harris/GoFundMe

Niesha Harris-Brazell, the teen who died inside a Milwaukee Burger King; when a coworker opened fire on a man trying to rob the fast food joint; was part of a staged robbery with her best friend; who was also the would-be robber’s daughter; prosecutors said two suspects told them; according to a criminal complaint against the man.

Additionally the complaint says that 16-year-old Niesha Harris-Brazell was in on the heist, and was fatally shot by an unwitting armed colleague firing at the thief… who was her best friend’s dad.


Nonetheless, as family tried to gather funds for the funeral costs, tens of thousands of dollars in donations poured in; and Niesha Harris-Brazell’s devastated family wondered how she could get caught up in such a travesty at such a young age.

Harris-Brazell, a dedicated student at Pulaski High School, was working a shift as a cashier on Jan. 2 with her best friend, who identified herself in media interviews as Mariah Edwards.

What Actually Happened

That evening, a black Chevy Impala pulled up to the drive-thru window; according to surveillance footage cited by authorities in a criminal complaint. Harris-Brazell turned to serve the supposed customer; when the driver pulled a gun; demanding cash.

The surveillance footage showed Harris-Brazell backing away and beginning to pull money from a register; while apparently signaling for help from her colleagues. The driver, with the hood of his red jacket pulled low over his masked face, then hoisted himself through the window, waving a gun with one hand, and reaching for cash with the other, the court documents state.

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