Ayanna Davis Admits To Having Unprotected Sex With Student


Ayanna Davis, 20, a Florida English substitute teacher; admitted to having unprotected sex with a 16 year old student on several occassions. She was arrested on December 10 and charged with four counts of sexual battery by a custodian; and one count of offense against students by an authority figure; the Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced.

Davis was a substitue at Lakeland High School; located in Lakeland, Florida when she admitted to having sexual encounters with a minor at least four times; allegedly twice at her office and twice at her house.

“This is a clear violation of sexual battery laws. She was in a position of influcence over the victim; and she took advantage of that for her own twisted pleasure” said Grady Judd, Sheriff.

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Went Viral

Although we won’t show the video; which is actually removed from the internet; the viral snapchat she posted shows her having sex with a minor; which is what sparked the investigation on December 3.


How Ayanna Davis Got Caught

A student reported the viral Snapchat video to the school’s resource counselor; after the football team and several; if not hundreds of other students saw the video of the teacher having sex with the student on the app. After that; detectives were notified by the school and arrested Davis on December 10.

Nevertheless; Davis’ public defender has yet to respond to an NBC News request for comment. Meanwhile, attempts to reach Davis at a number listed in her name were unsuccessful; according to NBC News. Aside, she bonded out of jail at $60,000. And her her first court date was set for January 10. Subsequently, these types of stories surface all too often.

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