André Leon Talley Passes Away At 73


André Leon Talley passed away on January 18; leaving the fashion world wrecked. It was confirmed Friday by close friends of his that the fashion icon passed away from COVID. Inside sources say he was terrified of getting it. There’s a saying that says ‘what you fear most comes to you’.

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Sometimes it’s best to just do what you can and relax. Sometimes trying too hard for something not to happen can put us in a worse predicament. According to his longtime Houston friend Dr. Yvonne Cormier he died of COVID-19, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Nonetheless, the larger than life, French speaking Washington D.C.-born fashionista was so vibrant; and loved life. No wonder he was so careful to keep it as long as he could. We definitely wanted him to stay with us a lot longer. It’s uncertain how long he had been battling COVID-19. According to MSN, one of his high school teachers described him as “bright” and “willful”.


“I think his willfulness led him to be the fashion icon that he became today,” the 88 year old teacher told The News & Observer. She continued, “You can have all the talent in the world, but perserverance is what makes people reach their full potential”.

The six-foot-six genius was the first Black man to ever step into the role of creative director for Vogue magazine in 1988; according to PageSix.

He told Tamron Hall, “I worked behind the scenes. I did it in dulcet tones; and I was persistent and tenacious…I always assumed a very quiet role. I did’nt scream and yell and shout…that was the best strategy. Because that was the world I moved in. After all, it was Vogue darrllllinnggg”.

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André Leon Talley Dropped Some Gems And Had The Best Quotes

“It’s an industry for women.” Andre talks about Chanel being one of the greatest designers, as well as Paul McCartney’s daughter. His advice to men and women on budget and fashion was “Be yourself, fashion is individualistic and it’s a personal point of view”. Thank you for your timeless and infectious wisdom André. Rest peacefully.

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